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At the Northern Film School, Raina directed DRIVE, a short drama (22mins). DRIVE was the first fiction film to be audio-described at production stage. For this innovation, Raina was awarded 'The Best Contribution to Disability Culture Award', by Picture This Film Festival, Canada...

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Raina's TV experience began in 1990, when she joined BBC TV as an Assistant Producer, directing news stories, short documentaries and music videos, for "One In Four", a current affairs magazine programme on disability issues. Among the first-ever intake of disabled programme-makers, Raina was involved in the forefront of disability programming and played a role in the setting up of the broadcast world's first Disability Programmes Unit. Whilst with BBC TV, she also produced and directed a corporate training film, INTO ACTION...



Dail (Disability Arts in London Magazine)

Allan Sutherland:

Interview with Raina Haig by Allan Sutherland. "It was thanks to the festival that I got my biggest job to date: as director of GETTIN OFF, a half hour drama for Channel 4's Dogma TV series. I've enjoyed feeling part of a happening thing: the festival is part of a growing international disability filmmaking scene. Every year I've been inspired by the quality and variety of work being made by disabled people all over the world. It's a new collective presence."...

Audio Description: art or industry?

DRIVE (UK 1997) is the first film to have Audio Description fully integrated into the production. DRIVE's director, Raina Haig, told me, 'I wanted a product that presented one seamless creative vision.' Raina was delighted that all the films had been audio-described at LDAF's (London Disability Arts Forum) 2002 film festival. 'I'm in seventh heaven. This is the first time in over a decade in film that I'm at a film festival and feeling fully involved, fully absorbed rather than feeling as if I'm sitting on the outside. It makes me glad to be working in film'...


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One in Four

Raina Haig discusses the BBC Television series '1in4', how they used Audio Description and the future of Audio Description in television and film. Raina was Assistant Producer on the programme.


Interviewed for 'In Touch', a Radio 4 programme for visually impaired listeners presented by blind presenter Peter White. Raina Haig dicusses her experiences as a partially sighted Filmmaker, the making of her film 'Drive' and how she applied Audio Description to it.

Gettin Off

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